How to apply minoxidil for beard growth

Applying minoxidil to the beard area is a popular way for men to attempt to grow a beard.

But how exactly does one apply minoxidil for beard growth? How much should you put on your face and for how long?

Let me explain to you what the research and science say.

How to apply minoxidil to a beard

The following steps will teach you how to apply minoxidil to a beard:

  1. Cleanse your face

    Image of a man washing his face with water in front of a sink.

    The first step in how to apply minoxidil to your face is to clean your face before applying topical minox.minoxidil gets absorbed much easier when the skin is damp As an additional benefit, the .

    Cleanse your face before applying minoxidil. Ideally with a gentle pH cleanser and if not, with simply water.

    We prefer taking a gentle pH cleanser or water because we want to maintain the integrity of our natural moisture barrier, skin microbiome and acid mantle.

  2. Apply 1ml of minoxidil foam or liquid to your beard area

    The following tips will teach you how to apply minoxidil foam to a beard and how to apply minoxidil liquid to a beard.

    Minoxidil foam comes in a spray bottle. It is applied by directly spraying it on the beard, or by spraying it in the cup for measurement, and then applying it with the index and ring finger. Minoxidil liquid comes in a dropper dispenser and is applied with either the fingers, or with the dropper.

    For minoxidil foam, 1ml of foam is equal to about 1/2 cap of minoxidil. For liquid minoxidil, this is about 25 drops, but the 1ml is often indicated on the dropper dispenser. There’s no definite agreement about how many times you should apply minoxidil. But twice per day seems to be the consensus among professionals, and seems to produce better results than just once daily.

    Some people prefer to apply the minoxidil to the beard area with the dispenser, and some prefer using the fingers. Either way is fine. I personally like applying the minoxidil with my fingers because I feel like I’ve got more control that way.

  3. Wash your hands

    Wash your hands to get rid of the leftover minoxidil residue.

    Minoxidil is harmful to pets and can be harmful for humans when accidentally rubbing it in the eyes, or when women rub it on their faces. We wouldn’t want women to start growing a beard, do we?

  4. Leave the minoxidil on for at least 4 hours

    Studies have shown that, give or take, 75% of the minoxidil is absorbed after 4 hours. This means that I would advise you to leave it on for at least 4 hours in order to get most of the benefits of the product.[1]

    The absolute minimum you should leave the topical minoxidil on your face is 1 hour. As research has shown that about 50% is absorbed after 1 hour.[2]

    It is also an option to keep the minoxidil on for a whole day or night. It certainly won’t be harmful. Me personally, I try to leave it on for as long as possible, while making sure I have time to moisturize my skin in between.

  5. Wash your face if you desire

    If you want to, you can choose to rinse your face of any remaining topical minoxidil.

    It won’t be harmful for yourself if you leave it on and decide not to wash your face. But it can potentially be harmful or disadvantageous for your pet and/or partner if some of the residue would get on her face.

  6. Moisturize

    A man getting a skin care routine.

    Minoxidil, and especially the liquid form can cause skin irritation, drying out your skin, leaving rash or scaly changes to the applied area behind.

    The reason why minoxidil can cause skin irritation is because of the alcohol content, and the propylene glycol that’s present in the minoxidil. This means that it is innately irritating to our skin.

    Of course, these negative effects are different for every individual, and side effects of applying minoxidil are generally very mild and non-harmful. Although, a dried out skin or skin rashes can still be unsightly and considered undesirable by many.





As you can see, learning how to apply minoxidil to a beard is not hard and is easy to learn. Although it should be noted that it can take some time before you start seeing results, even though the minoxidil starts working immediately.

Even more so, by following the previous steps, you’ll be sure that you make no mistakes.

Knowing how to apply minoxidil for beard growth is important in your quest to grow a luscious beard!


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