How long before minoxidil works

“How long before minoxidil works”? It is a commonly asked question and for good reason.

The science isn’t conclusive on this topic. While some instances say in a couple of weeks, other instances a couple of months, and others even going as far as years.

I’ve explored what the current research has to say about how long before minoxidil starts working. This is what I’ve found out.


How long before rogaine works?

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Let us answer the question, “when will minoxidil start working”?

The initial effects of minoxidil occur after approximately eight weeks of treatment, and maximal effects take place after four months.[1]

Although many people, myself included, have reported maximal effectiveness when applied for up to one to two years. It could be that the author means that the dose is maximum effective from the 4-month mark and onwards.

You will also see faster results when applying rogaine twice daily instead of just one.

The following study says the following:

In clinical trials of various formulations, results have varied. Improved hair growth occurred after four to six months of therapy; twice-daily application seems to be indicated.[2]

How long before minoxidil starts working?

So when does minoxidil start working? Well, it should be noted that minoxidil starts working much earlier than before 4 months. Minoxidil starts working immediately from the point you start using minoxidil.

However, results take time. And thus, it might take a while after you start seeing noticeable results. This can be explained due to the time it takes for the hair follicles to get back to the anagen hair growth phase.

Take note that you may experience more hair shedding in the first couple of weeks of starting your topical minoxidil treatment. Don’t be alarmed as this is part of the natural hair growth cycle. This simply means that the new hairs are growing in and are pushing out the old hairs to make room for the new ones.

How long before minoxidil works and you see results?

As for how long before Rogaine works, or any other minoxidil brand for that matter, as a general guideline, you should see some significant results in 4 to 6 months of minoxidil usage.


Final note

Minoxidil starts working immediately, but it might take a month or 4-6 before you start noticing some real results.

For some, it might be as soon as in a couple of weeks. But if you don’t, do not despair. Just because your body does not immediately respond, and you don’t see drastic results from the start, doesn’t mean the drug will not be effective for you.

Just keep diligently applying twice a day. Remember that patience and perseverance are key in succeeding.