When should you start using minoxidil?

Minoxidil is known as a popular and effective hair loss product. We know that it works to combat hair loss and to regrow lost hair by reducing the telogen phase of the hair growth process and by moving your hairs to the anagen phase at a faster pace.

Thus, your hair stays in the resting phase for a shorter period and moves on quicker to the hair growth phase.

But when should you start using minoxidil? Does it work as good when you start using it later when you’ve lost more hair? Or do you have to use it immediately in order for the medication to be effective?

Let me explain when to start minoxidil, and why you should always start using minoxidil as quickly as possible when you start noticing hair loss.


When should I start using minoxidil?

Mental representation of Kirkland minoxidil liquid.

On to the first question, then. When should you start using minoxidil?

You should start using minoxidil as soon as you start noticing hair loss.

The reason why you should start as quickly as possible is that it’s easier to slow down or halt hair loss than it is to regrow lost hairs. Furthermore, hair loss in both men and women is usually progressive. This means that it typically won’t get better, as a matter of fact, it normally only gets worse over time.

Of course, it’s also possible that you suffer from stress-related hair loss, or in more fancy terms, telogen effluvium. This typically doesn’t last and will correct itself when the stress one experiences is reduced or eliminated entirely.


When should I start using Rogaine?

So when should you start using Rogaine?

The same guidelines that apply to general minoxidil also apply to Rogaine since Rogaine is a brand of minoxidil.

This means that you should start using Rogaine as quickly as possible once you observe you’re losing hair.

Progressive hair loss doesn’t stop on its own. This means that intervention is needed to slow down hair loss. Rogaine will work just fine, but any other brand of generic minoxidil will do the job as well.


When can I start using minoxidil after hair transplant procedure?

Image of the different hair growth stages of a man who recently had a hair transplant.

Answers are more divided about when to start using minoxidil after hair transplant procedure. Experts don’t have a definitive answer for that question.

Some experts say that you can start using minoxidil immediately after your hair transplant.

Others are more cautious and recommend waiting a few weeks to a month before one starts using minoxidil.

The reason some experts caution against using minoxidil immediately after a hair transplant is to give the new hair grafts some time to settle in before injecting exogenous products into the new hair grafts. Possibly to reduce shock loss and telogen effluvium.


When does minoxidil start working?

A popular question is, when does minoxidil start working? The reason people ask this question is for the reason that they often don’t see results until weeks or even months after starting treatment.

But rest assured, minoxidil starts working immediately after you start using it consistently. It’s just that it typically takes some time before the results become noticeable to the bare eye.

That’s exactly why you should keep at it and continue to apply diligently, even when you don’t notice immediate results.


When does Rogaine start working?

Image of Men's 5% topical Rogaine.

So when does Rogaine start working? Just like any regular minoxidil brand, Rogaine starts working immediately after you start using it.

But, it takes some time before you start seeing the results of your endeavor. Just make sure to keep applying consistently, and you will eventually start seeing results.

Be aware that this can take several weeks and sometimes even months to become detectable to the naked eye.


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If you notice you’re starting to lose hair, consider starting to use minoxidil as soon as possible in order to maximize the product’s effectiveness.

It’s easier to prevent further hair loss than it is regrowing lost hair due to androgenetic alopecia.

That’s why it’s vital to start using it as quickly as possible. Even after a hair transplant, one can continue to safely use minoxidil in order to help speed up the hair growth process. Tapering off minoxidil is possible, but if you quit entirely, then the hard-earned hair that you managed to regrow will be lost eventually.