Should I cut my hair when using minoxidil?

The question, “should I cut my hair when using minoxidil” regularly pops up since people are looking to maximize its effectiveness.

The answer is no, you don’t have to cut your hair when using minoxidil. But it can help to make the absorption process easier for the skin.

Minoxidil works due to being absorbed by the skin of your scalp, not by the hair.

This means that you shouldn’t necessarily cut your hair when using minoxidil. However, there’s a catch.

Generally speaking, it’s easier to apply minoxidil directly on the scalp when you have shorter hair rather than long hair.

When you have long(er) hair, there’s more hair that can get in the way of the scalp. Thus, it can be harder for you to get the minoxidil through all that hair in order to reach the skin directly.




Does minoxidil work better with long or short hair?

Image of the back view of someone with long hair.Image of the front view of a woman with short blonde hair.

Technically, it works equally well whether you have long or short hair as long as you apply the minoxidil directly to the scalp.

In reality, it’s generally harder to apply minoxidil directly to the skin if you have long hair compared to if you have short(er) hair. That’s why it typically works better if you have no/shorter hair rather than long hair since it’s easier to get the topical minoxidil to reach the skin straightaway.

But all things being equal, long or short hair doesn’t matter as long as the minoxidil is applied point-blank to the skin instead of the hair.


Should I trim my beard while using minoxidil?

Image of a man trimming his beard in front of a mirror with a beard trimmer.

The same principles that apply to hair regarding minoxidil usage also hold true for a beard.

It works equally well on a long beard compared to no/short beards as long as the minoxidil gets used straight to the skin rather than the whiskers.

But it can be harder to get the minoxidil directly on the skin when you have a very long beard rather than no beard, or short facial hair.


Final note

Long hair, short hair, long beard, short beard, or no beard at all. It all doesn’t matter given that the minoxidil gets applied to the skin directly instead of to the hair.

Nevertheless, the longer the hair or beard is, the larger the chance is that the minoxidil gets stuck to the hair shafts. That’s why it’s typically easier to apply minoxidil straight to the skin when you have short hair, or a short beard.

Using common sense, you’re good to go on the condition that you can still apply the minoxidil straight to the skin. Regardless of how long your hair or beard currently is. Washing your hair regularly is key to prevent substance accumulation.