Should I apply minoxidil after sweating?

Minoxidil is a popular drug that’s used to stave off hair loss, and even to regrow lost hair in some instances.

There’s an increased focus in our current day and age regarding working out to maintain our physical and mental health. Fortunately, it’s perfectly fine to exercise with minoxidil.

But with training typically comes sweating. That’s generally not a bad thing, but it can be regarding the effectiveness of minoxidil in the back of our mind.

So should you apply minoxidil after sweating or before? I would say that it’s typically best to apply after you’re done sweating. Let me explain why.


Should I apply minoxidil after sweating or before?

Illustration of a man standing in the sun and washing off his sweat with a towel.

It is recommended to apply minoxidil after sweating instead of before.

When you use minoxidil before working out, then there’s the ever present risk of sweating. And this can cause the minoxidil to wash off, or become diluted by mixing with the sweat.

Obviously, we want maximum effectiveness, whether it is to slow down hair loss, or to reacquire lost hair.

Even more so, working out means that there will be increased blood flow, and that will cause our body heat to increase. That’s why vasodilation of the blood vessels will happen to cool off our body temperature in order to prevent overheating.

All of this ease the minoxidil uptake, making it more efficacious. That’s why I would say it’s optimal to use said product shortly after training, but after you’re done sweating! Luckily, using minoxidil does not influence workouts significantly.




Can minoxidil cause hyperhidrosis?

Yes, minoxidil can cause hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that makes the affected individual sweat unreasonably.

This sweating can affect your body ranging from only certain body parts, to your entire body.

The most commonly impacted domains are the palms of your hands and the armpits.




Can excessive sweating cause baldness?

Excessive sweating can cause baldness, but usually won’t if you have a good skin care routine, and take care of your overall hygiene.

Sweating profusely can obstruct the hair follicles. This can disrupt and interrupt hair growth. Still, sweating has an essential function since it’s our body’s natural mechanism to regulate body temperature. Sweating allows us to decrease our body temperature which prevents overheating.

However, when we have good hygiene and wash ourselves on a regular basis, balding due to profusely sweating most likely won’t be an issue since the hair follicles don’t remain clogged up for a significant amount of time.


Does sweating decrease DHT?

Sweating excessively piles up DHT.

The accumulated DHT then connects itself to the hair capillaries which prevents the hair follicles from developing naturally.

Thus, this can cause male pattern baldness.


Final note

It’s typically best to apply minoxidil after you’re done sweating.

If you do decide to use minoxidil before working out, then it’s best to leave it to dry for a couple of hours before working out. Preferably at least 4 in order to get most of the benefits of using the product.

Sweating can cause baldness, but most likely won’t if you have good hygienic and cleanse yourself regularly.