Rogaine or Kirkland: Does minoxidil brand matter?

A question that regularly pops up relating to minoxidil is whether Rogaine or Kirkland is better.

To determine which brand of minoxidil is superior, and if the minoxidil brand matters at all with respect to efficiency, we must first establish what the differences between Rogaine and Kirkland, and the other various minoxidil brands are.

Let explain what the main differences are between the different minoxidil brands and which is better, Rogaine or Kirkland.


Difference between Rogaine and Kirkland

A bottle of Rogaine 2% for woman.Mental representation of Kirkland minoxidil liquid.

Brand name

The main difference between Rogaine and Kirkland is the brand name. All brands of minoxidil are quite similar since they share the same active ingredient, namely minoxidil.

This means that the results between the different brands of minoxidil are more or less the same. They should all be roughly as effective at slowing down hair loss and at regrowing lost hair on the scalp.

However, there will be some small differences between brands which will alter the product’s shelf life, and consistency ever so slightly.

Inactive ingredients

Inactive ingredients also differ from product to product and shouldn’t be understated.

Formulations including alcohol, particularly propylene glycol, have been known to cause skin irritation in individuals with a sensitive skin. That means that people who know they have a sensitive skin are better off using a product without alcohol (propylene glycol) as an inactive ingredient. Fortunately enough, alcohol-free solutions are widely available for purchase these days. Be it online, or in the real life stores.

Most brands offer both a liquid solution and a topical foam. But since the inactive ingredients are slightly different from each other, you might notice that some products dry a bit faster than others, and that the feeling of the product on the skin might be somewhat different.

The solution might feel like it penetrates deeper into the skin, but those with thicker hair should be careful, as the minoxidil can get absorbed by the hair rather than the scalp. That’s why you should make sure you apply it and massage it into your scalp rather than the hair.

Some men have even used minoxidil to grow a beard, even though it isn’t FDA approved for usage on the face. The advantage of using it on the face is that minoxidil doesn’t have to be continued indefinitely to keep the facial hair gains if the vellus hairs transitioned into terminal hairs. Once, the hairs have reached the terminal phase, they’re there to stay.


Is Rogaine better than other brands?

Image of women's rogaine 2% topical solution.

No, Rogaine isn’t necessarily better than other brands, but it’s certainly not worse either.

It basically comes down to preference. One brand might dry a bit quicker than the other, and the feeling might be a bit different, but they will by and large be equally effective.


Is Rogaine better than Kirkland?

So which is better, Rogaine or Kirkland?

Like previously said, the difference between Rogaine and Kirkland is mainly the brand name.

There are some other small difference such as the inactive ingredients, which can affect the feel and how fast the product dries. Regardless, effectiveness will be roughly the same.


Final takeaway

So is Rogaine better Than Kirkland minoxidil? No, they’re both perfectly fine and viable options to combat hair loss. The main difference between Rogaine and Kirkland is the brand name.

A lot of the large variety of minoxidil brands out there are perfectly adequate to use and are more or less equally effective.

This means that you shouldn’t worry too much about which brand you’re using, as there’s no such thing as a top minoxidil brand. Use whatever brand you feel comfortable with and try not to overthink it, whether you decide to use Rogaine or Kirkland, or any other minoxidil brand that’s out there.