Minoxidil liquid vs foam differences

Let me explain the differences between minoxidil liquid vs foam in order to make the best decision you can for your specific case.

Before starting off, let me say quickly that minoxidil foam and liquid both do an equally good job at promoting hair growth and beard growth.

The differences primarily lie in the side effects each promotes. Without further ado, let’s get started.


Minoxidil liquid vs. foam

Let us talk about minoxidil liquid vs. foam differences for a second. Since there are some important differences and thus, utility between the two. Even though in general they do and work the same. Not to mention that there are some indispensable differences between 2% and 5% minoxidil as well.

The foam preparation does not use propylene glycol as a solvent. Propylene glycol has a greasy feeling and is a common skin irritant, which makes the foam an attractive alternative to the solution for some patients.

At present, the foam preparations are a 5% concentration- for both men and women.”[1]http://ishrs.org/patients/treatment-for-hair-loss/medications/minoxidil/

I can say from personal experience that minoxidil liquid dried out my skin like crazy, even though I never had rashes or any other side effects. With minoxidil foam, I get absolutely zero dried out skin or any other side effects for that matter.

What I noticed is that people online generally say that minoxidil foam dries out their skin less than minoxidil liquid does. Although some people tolerate the liquid form better than others without any of the side effects.

Why does minoxidil liquid dry out the skin?

Mental representation of Kirkland minoxidil liquid.

Minoxidil liquid often dries out the skin more than foam, due to using propylene glycol as a solvent. Propylene glycol is a common skin irritant which can lead to more side effects such as skin rashes and dried out skin.

That’s why in terms of side effects, I consider the foam superior to the solution. I would especially recommend the foam over the liquid if you are someone who has sensitive skin and/or has had skin problems in the past.

Liquid can be applied with the dropper or a sprayer, foam with the fingers

A bottle of minoxidil spray of the brand Foligain.

Liquid can be applied with either the dropper, the fingers, or with a sprayer. Foam can only be applied with the fingers.

From personal experience, I have to say that applying with the fingers was always easier and more accurate than applying with a dropper. When using the fingers, just make sure to rinse your hands in order to cleanse any residue that remains on the fingers after applying.

Is minoxidil foam better than liquid

Picture of a man putting minoxidil foam on his hand.

In regard to minoxidil foam or liquid being better than one another, I wouldn’t say that either one is superior to the other, just like the minoxidil brand doesn’t matter that much. Both do exactly the same thing, it’s just that one generally has more annoying, although small side effects than the other.
Both will work just fine to grow beard hair, or regrow hair on the scalp for that matter.


1 http://ishrs.org/patients/treatment-for-hair-loss/medications/minoxidil/