Is a minoxidil beard permanent?

Plenty of men out there are using minoxidil in order to attempt to grow facial hair. And as a previous user myself, I can definitely agree that it works.

However, a common question that gets asked frequently in regard to using Rogaine, or any other minoxidil brand to grow facial hair is the following: “Is a minoxidil beard permanent?”

This is an important question since very few people are willing to apply topical minoxidil for their entire life. Thus, let me attempt to answer it as conclusive as possible.




Are minoxidil beard gains permanent

Picture of a man putting minoxidil foam on his hand.

The long term effects of minoxidil on hair loss are typically positive. If a minoxidil beard is permanent depends on if the hairs are vellus or terminal hairs.

Minoxidil beard gains are permanent if the small, barely visible light colored hairs, which are what we call vellus hairs, make it to the terminal phase, which produces thicker, longer, stronger and darker hairs. If this is the case, they are there to stay.

However, if the topical minoxidil is ended prematurely, when the beard hairs, or at least some of them are still vellus hairs then one should expect to lose their beard over time since the hairs are not yet terminal.

It is normal for some hair shedding to occur, as this is part of the natural process for both hair on the scalp and beard hair as well, even if the hairs are terminal.

When the hair follicles and androgen receptors have been triggered and activated properly, then our natural hormonal functions will not recede and thus, keep our beard gains alive. Our hair follicles on the beard remain active even when we decide to discontinue topical minoxidil. Be it minoxidil foam or minoxidil liquid.[1]