How to store minoxidil?

Knowing how to store minoxidil is vital for maintaining its maximum effectiveness and extending the shelf life of minoxidil. This is especially important to safely use personal medication.

Discover if expired minoxidil does still work, and if it is ok to use expired minoxidil.


How to store minoxidil at home

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This is how to store minoxidil at home:

  • Store minoxidil in a closed container at room temperature at home, which is between 20 and 25 degrees C. (This translates to 68 and 77 degrees F.)
  • Make sure that the place where you stash the medication is dry.
  • Keep the product away from heat, moisture, and direct sunlight as some minoxidil can be flammable.
  • Keep the product from freezing and freezing temperatures as well.[1]
  • Since minoxidil is deemed an unsafe product for children, it should be kept well out of reach for children and kids in order to prevent them from accidentally using the product.
  • Like with other medication, one should not keep any expired minoxidil around, never mind using it.
  • Throw away any unused drugs. Don’t flush the product down the toilet or drain unless specifically told to do so. Ask your local pharmacist what the most appropriate way is to dispose of the drug. Some areas offer take-back programs for drugs.[2]

This is how to store minoxidil of any brand. Keep in mind that the ideal minoxidil storage temperature is at room temperature, which is between 20 and 25 degrees C. (Between 68 and 77 degrees F.)


Minoxidil shelf life

The minoxidil shelf life depends a bit on the brand of minoxidil you’re using, because different brands use slightly different formula’s. That being said, they largely act and produce the same effects.

Rogaine mentions on their FAQ that the shelf life of minoxidil (Rogaine foam in this specific case) is 2 years, with the shelf life of the Rogaine solution being 3 years.[3]

By and large, most medication can be stored safely for a few years depending on the temperature, humidity, and light it is exposed to.

This does mean that there is indeed a minoxidil expiration date and that minoxidil does expire.


Best minoxidil storage temperature

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The best minoxidil temperature at home is between 20 and 25 degrees C. This translates to 68 and 77 degrees F.

Degradation of chemical substances will speed up if you decide to store minoxidil at a higher temperature than room temperature. That’s why it’s not recommended to store minoxidil above room temperature.

It should also be noted that minoxidil should not be kept at freezing temperatures. That’s why you shouldn’t store minoxidil in your freezer, for example. The main reason is that minoxidil isn’t very stable in cold temperatures. Thus, it will probably become ineffective, or at the very least, less effective.




Is expired minoxidil safe to use?

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No, expired minoxidil is not safe for usage anymore and thus, should be exposed of.

Minoxidil contains preservatives that will only last for a fixed period of time.

The use of expired minoxidil contains a number of increased health risks, such as:

  • Higher risk of side effects (flaking of the skin, rash, redness, …)
  • Less effectiveness of the product (The solution is likely to become increasingly weaker over time after it’s expired. So it may not work as well or not at all depending on how long the minoxidil has been expired.)
  • Increased risk of hair fall resuming because the product becomes increasingly weaker and, thus, less effective.

Does expired minoxidil still work?

So, is it ok to use expired minoxidil?

Well, it should be mentioned that drugmakers tend to be extremely conservative with expiration dates.

This means that minoxidil can potentially be used for a while after expiration. Nevertheless, I still wouldn’t recommend doing so. In my opinion, it’s not worth the perils. Use at your own risk!


Final note

Knowing how to store minoxidil is vital to keep the product efficient, and to extend the minoxidil shelf life, since minoxidil can indeed expire.

Expired minoxidil shouldn’t be used, since it can cause health risks such as a higher risk of side effects, and the product becoming less effective over time.