How to stop minoxidil without losing hair?

It’s impossible to stop minoxidil without losing hair if you’re suffering from male, or female pattern hair loss.

The only way you can quit minoxidil without hair loss is when you were suffering from stress related hair loss before, and the issue is resolved.

What you can do is taper off minoxidil by applying just once a day instead of twice daily, or by utilizing the product once every other day, for instance. This way, you can probably keep most of the hair gains you’ve made previously. That’s because maintaining is almost always easier than building.

It’s important to approach the process gradually if you have been using minoxidil and would like to discontinue the medication without experiencing excessive hair loss.

Here are some steps you can take to minimize the potential shedding associated with stopping minoxidil:

  1. Consult a healthcare professional

    Consulting a professional before making any changes to your hair loss treatment is always a good idea. A good advisor would be a profession such as a dermatologist, or a trichologist. They can help you by providing personalized guidance based on your specific situation.

  2. Taper off gradually

    Consider tapering off your current minoxidil treatment gradually over a period of several weeks or months instead of abruptly quitting the product.

    This can give your hair follicles the required time to adjust to the change and minimize the potential shedding that might happen when you suddenly stop applying minoxidil.

  3. Alternate days

    You can start by applying minoxidil once daily instead of two times, or every other day rather than daily. After a few weeks, if you experience minimal shedding, you can further decrease the frequency if you so desire.

    But beware. Quitting minoxidil entirely will most likely lead to losing the hair gains you’ve made during your time using the product. However, you won’t lose more hair than you would if you’ve never used minoxidil to begin with.

  4. Replace minoxidil with natural remedies

    Image of natural herbs.

    Consider incorporating natural remedies that support hair growth and health as you gradually reduce your minoxidil usage. For instance, think about using essential oils like rosemary or lavender, or explore other topical treatments such as onion juice or aloe vera gel.

    To tell you the truth, these alternatives may not be as potent as minoxidil, but they can at least help out a bit to promote hair growth, and to maintain the healthy hair that you’ve gained in the process.

  5. Ensure a balanced diet

    Proper nutrition plays a vital role to maintain our existing hair, but also for our overall wellbeing. Humans are made to move around, and to eat clean substances instead of saturated foods, and sweets that are full of addictive sugar.

    Make sure that you’re consuming a well-balanced diet that’s rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

    Foods such as leafy greens, fruits, lean meats, in addition to nuts can provide essential nutrients to your hair in order to stay in tiptop shape.

  6. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

    Illustration of activities that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

    We know that stress and a poor lifestyle is absolutely devastating to our overall health.

    It can even contribute to hair loss when that tension is so prolonged that it turns into chronic stress.

    That’s why managing mental strain, getting regular exercise, and maintaining good sleeping habits are so critical in order to support healthy hair growth.




Will hair fall out if I stop minoxidil?

Hair will inevitably fall out if you stop using minoxidil.

How much hair you’ll end up losing depends on how long you decide to discontinue the product. That’s because you will gradually lose the hair you’ve regrown due to the medication if you quit using it.

Can I restart minoxidil after stopping?

Yes, you can restart minoxidil after stopping. Nevertheless, it’s not recommended quitting minoxidil in the first place as long as you’re not suffering from side effects.

That’s typically not an issue either, seeing as the long-term effects of minoxidil are positive, and deemed harmless to our health.


Closing thoughts

Quitting minoxidil entirely will probably result in preexisting hair loss progressing again, and losing all the hair gains you’ve previously made when using the product eventually.

A possible exception is when you were using minoxidil to combat stress related hair loss. When the underlying issue that caused your hair loss disappears, then so can your hair loss, and consequently the need for minoxidil.

Remember that individual results may vary. That’s why it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice. They can assess your specific condition and provide the most appropriate recommendations for your particular situation, and how to proceed when you want to taper off, or quit minoxidil entirely.