Does minoxidil stunt growth?

Does minoxidil affect height growth?

Image of a height measurement stick in house.

No, minoxidil does not stunt growth. As a matter of fact, it can even assist you to get taller or to reach your genetic potential by increasing the buildup of glycosaminoglycans (GAG) molecules.

Realistically though, it will probably not do much to make you taller, nor to stunt your growth. It is first and foremost a medication to lower blood pressure, and was later utilized to combat hair loss and to regrow lost hair.

Even though it does not stunt growth, minoxidil still has a minimum age of 18-year-old before you can hop on.


Does minoxidil stunt hair growth?

Image of a man suffering from telogen effluvium on the scalp.

No, minoxidil does not stunt hair growth. Actually, minoxidil aids to speed up the hair growth/regrowth process by shortening the telogen phase and prolonging the anagen phase.

The telogen phase is the rest phase of the hair, whereas the anagen phase is the stage wherein new, healthy hair growth takes place.

Increased shedding can occur due to the shortening of the telogen phase. Nevertheless, this annoying side effect usually subsides after a few weeks to months. The following link can provide you with more information about the potential side effects of using minoxidil.