Does minoxidil change hair color?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that minoxidil has the potential to change hair color. And although minoxidil works great to slow down or halt hair loss, this is something that worries quite some users of this particular hair loss product.

So does minoxidil change hair color? And if it does, is it dangerous?

To quickly answer the question already, yes, minoxidil can slightly change one’s hair color, although not always. But no need to worry, it’s an innocent byproduct of using the medication, and it can even be a good sign at times!

Let me explain why minoxidil can change someone’s hair color somewhat.


Can minoxidil change hair color?

Image of a woman with a ginger hair color.

Yes, minoxidil hair color change is a possibility, although this is most certainly not always the case. Let us review what the empirical evidence and professionals have to say.

This study presents yellowing of the hair due to the patient receiving minoxidil treatment.

Another study notes that treating people who are suffering from loose anagen hair syndrome with topical minoxidil can result in hair color change.

Dr. Antonella Tosti, who is a hair loss expert, says that the hair from men and women who are suffering from androgenetic alopecia becomes thinner, lighter, and shorter. When minoxidil treatment is started and is effective, the hair tends to become thicker, longer and darker.

The hair becoming darker than before again is a good sign, since it is a clue that your hair has become healthier than before. This means that a change of hair color is not always a bad mark![1]

However, your hairs won’t stay darkened indefinitely if you stop your minoxidil treatment. When you stop using minoxidil, your hair will slowly turn lighter, thinner, and shorter again. This means that darkened hair is not permanent when we stop using minoxidil. Not to mention the gradual hair loss that starts occurring when you stop your minoxidil treatment.

Dr. Antonella Tosti also describes the possibility that minoxidil can somewhat lighten your hair after multiple usages on colored hair. Evidence does seem to suggest that this can potentially be true.

The next study attributed hair discoloration to the usage of minoxidil lotion in its users.

Does minoxidil change hair color?

So does minoxidil change hair color? It is a possibility, but most surely not always.

Every person is different. This means that each individual will respond different to the medication. It will be effective for some, and inefficient for others. It will cause a slight change in hair color for some, and absolutely none in others.

Furthermore, it’s hard to say which side of the fence you will end up. The only way to truly know is to try minoxidil for yourself if you’re suffering from thinning hair and to see what the results are.


Can Rogaine change hair color

Image of Men's 5% topical Rogaine.

The same rules that apply to each generic brand of minoxidil apply to Rogaine as well. This means that Rogaine can change hair color. Nevertheless, this is not an issue for most users.

When Rogaine treatment is effective, hair tends to become thicker, longer, and darker once more since the hairs become healthier again.

Hairs darkening due to Rogaine treatment is not a bad thing. As a matter of fact, it is a sign that the treatment is working and that the hairs become more vital as a result!

Using Rogaine multiple times on color treated hair can cause it to become somewhat lighter.

Does Rogaine change hair color?

Rogaine doesn’t always change hair color, although it can be a potential side effect.

Darkening of your hair is seen as a beneficial ramification, since it probably conveys that your hairs are getting healthier again.

Using Rogaine on colored hair can potentially lighten it over time. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t worry since this is harmless to your health.



It is possible for minoxidil to change hair color ever so slightly. Yet, this is an innocent consequence of using minoxidil.

Darkening of your hair is actually advantageous since it means your hair is healthier and more vital again. It is a sign that the therapy is actually working and paying off.

Using minoxidil on colored hair can make it become lighter over time. But again, this is harmless for your health and nothing to be concerned about. As a matter of fact, minoxidil can even be combined with other hair products. That is if you don’t apply both at the exact same time.