Does minoxidil affect periods?

Minoxidil does not affect periods most of the time. Nevertheless, there are some reported cases of minoxidil altering periods in some rare instances.

However, it’s important to note that everyone’s body may respond differently to medications, and there is always a possibility of individual variations or unforeseen interactions.

I recommend consulting with a healthcare professional who can provide personalized advice based on your specific circumstances if you are concerned about any potential effects of minoxidil on your menstrual cycle.


Can minoxidil affect periods?

Illustration of the menstrual cycle explained.

Minoxidil can affect periods in some rare instances. There have been some reported cases of minoxidil altering the menstrual cycle in a few individuals.

While minoxidil is primarily applied topically for hair loss treatment and is not intended to have systemic effects, there have been rare reports of systemic absorption of minoxidil leading to side effects. Some of these potential aftereffects are:

  • Changes in blood pressure
  • Changes in heart rate
  • Fluid retention.

These systemic effects could possibly disrupt the menstrual cycle in some individuals.

Although the exact mechanism is not well understood, some women have reported changes in their menstrual patterns while using minoxidil. These changes may include irregular periods, changes in flow, or temporary cessation of menstruation altogether.

Consult a doctor immediately if you are experience any changes in your menstrual cycle when using minoxidil.


Can minoxidil cause irregular periods?

Since minoxidil can effect periods in some rare instances, it’s possible that it can also cause irregular periods.

A phase IV clinical study of FDA data performed by eHealthMe has found that 3 people reported having irregular menstruation out of the 17,930 people describing side effects.

These 3 individuals all outlined that these irregular periods started between 1–6 months of minoxidil usage. All of them were between the age of 30–39.


How severe are menstrual regulations due to minoxidil?

eHealthMe executed a phase IV trial examining how severe the irregular periods are. The study included one subject.

She noted that the severity of menstruation irregularity was not intense, and in fact “least” when having the capacity to choose between least, moderate, severe, and most severe.

She has been on minoxidil between 1–2 years, and she is between the age of 20–29.


Final takeaway

It’s possible for minoxidil to affect periods, although it’s a very rare occurrence. You typically shouldn’t be worried about this specific ramification all that much since the chances of getting it are very low.

Contact your doctor immediately when you notice that your menstrual cycle has become modified after you start applying minoxidil to be safe and sound.