Can you leave minoxidil on overnight?

Minoxidil is the popular hair growth/regrowth drug that is used by both men and women to stave off or at least slow down hair loss.

A question that regularly pops up regarding this is, “can you leave minoxidil on overnight?”

As a matter of fact, yes you can. Furthermore, it is generally even a good idea to leave on minoxidil overnight. Ideally, one should apply minoxidil at night and in the morning.

Let me explain why you should leave on the applied Rogaine at night.


Can you leave minoxidil on overnight or not?

An important question that regularly pops up is, “can I apply minoxidil overnight?”

Yes, you can leave minoxidil on overnight. It has been established that it is best to leave minoxidil on your scalp or face if you’re using it for the growth of facial hair for at least 4 hours. Preferably even longer, with 8 hours being ideal. Since 8 hours of sleep is a sound night sleep pattern that most people should aim for to lead a healthy life.

This makes it perfect to leave minoxidil on overnight. As a matter of fact, applying minoxidil twice daily is considered the most effective way of administration. That’s why it is generally recommended to apply minoxidil at night, or at least shortly before going to bed, and in the morning.

However, I would recommend applying minoxidil to the scalp or face a few hours before going to bed since the applied minoxidil can rub off on your bed pillow. This is especially important for women who use minoxidil to regrow lost hairs, since the rubbed of minoxidil on the bed pillow can consequently rub off on the face.

This will most likely not be significant enough to experience serious growth of body hair in unwanted places, but in some rare cases there might be hyper responders to the minoxidil which might cause the growth of facial hair. Quite obviously, women don’t want that to happen.

Nevertheless, before doing so, make sure you can tolerate the drug for extended periods of time. Ideally, the first time you use minoxidil should be for a shorter amount of time to figure out if you get any unwanted side effects or not. Although most people experience no or insignificant side effects.


Can I apply Rogaine at night?

Image of Men's 5% topical Rogaine.

The same rule apply to Rogaine as to any generic minoxidil brand since Rogaine is a trade name of minoxidil.

This means that Applying Rogaine at night, or shortly before going to bed is recommended. Ideally, one applies the Rogaine at night and in the morning for maximum effectiveness. That means that applying minoxidil once daily is fine, but twice a day is even better.





Leaving minoxidil overnight is a good idea to get the full effect of this popular hair growth drug.

Just make sure that you can tolerate the minoxidil well enough without any serious side effects. Furthermore, I would make sure to apply the minoxidil a few hours before going to bed, so it doesn’t rub off, or at least not as much on your bed pillow. This is especially important for women who wish to prevent hair growth in unwanted places.